Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Yes, Sir

The Michael Vick spectacle is over now, maybe, with the sentencing, at which time the judge could not resist the opportunity to hog center stage with pompous self-righteousness:
“I think you need to apologize once again to the millions of people who look up to you,” United States District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson said.
Really, how many times do this think this blowhard is going to be in the national spotlight? The temptation to shine was great indeed. Vick's sentence is 23 months, a sentence that is
. . . more than Vick’s co-defendants in the case — and also more than the 12 to 18 months prosecutors originally suggested, as part of Vick’s plea agreement.
This seems unnecessary to say, but I will say anyway that I think we can all agree that dogfighting is very bad no good. However, my opinion is that Vick has paid enough for what he did. He has been doing nothing but pay since this whole mess was uncovered:
Monday’s proceedings provided the next chapter in the dramatic and dizzying fall of Vick, who was once the highest-paid and one of the highest-profile players in the N.F.L. As the Falcons’ franchise quarterback, he had a 10-year, $130 million contract and lucrative endorsement deals. But now the N.F.L. has suspended him indefinitely. His major endorsements have vanished. Financial institutions have also started legal proceedings against him for defaulted loans. The Falcons are seeking to recover $20 million in bonuses from him. Prosecutors forced Vick to pay more than $928,000 for the evaluation and care of the 47 dogs that were taken from his property. Six other dogs that were seized have died or were euthanized.
Not to mention the relentless notoriety, the excessive media coverage, the nonstop vilification.

The crime Vick is really paying for is that of being a successful, wealthy Black man in America.

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